I was looking through old magazine cutouts and came across this DIY project I’d surely attempt to recreate. I always appreciate a good gallery wall, but rather than display art or photographs, opting for jewelry displays is even more of a nifty idea. This solution would work best in a bedroom or closet.

I cut out the How To portion of the page thinking I knew exactly how to achieve this look. It appears fairly self-explanatory so I’d probably do as follows:

1) Pick out different sized frames at either a craft or vintage shop. You can do as many or as few as you’d like.

2) Select either fabric or paper to serve as a backdrop. An array of either would look more compelling.

3) I would use cork board as a back supporter of the chosen fabric or paper. Cork board would work well for earrings and brooches – assuming the selected material isn’t too thick.

4)  After measuring the cork board to make sure it fits in frame, wrap the cork board with selection of material and cut off any excess. If you’re using paper, an exacto knife works really well if blade is sharp. If using fabric, use fabric scissors. Fold and glue back any loose edges for a clean, smooth look. I know it’s only the back of the frame but trust me, it won’t appear sloppy to anyone who may decide they want to take a peek at the back of your DIY.

5) Once the above step has been completed, you’re ready to mount to the back of the frame using a heavy-duty adhesive.

6) Choose varying knobs to hang jewelry and mount to front of material covered cork board, also with heavy-duty adhesive.

7) You’ll also need to use some sort of mounting bracket to stick to the back of the frame in order to mount to the wall. Some frames already come with a mounting unit but if not, any hardware store will have them.

Hope my info was helpful and happy DIYing.

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