Tomorrow night Evan and I are off to Savannah for our friend’s wedding. I’ve wanted to visit said city since Aaron Spelling’s show Savannah back in the late 90s. Behind all the cheating, lying and bad acting was a beautiful city filled with plantation homes that immediately captured my attention. The actual wedding will take place in Tybee Island, but I’m hoping to take some time to tour Savannah architecture.

All this aside, just yesterday I realized I haven’t got a stitch to wear. My head has been in the clouds and haven’t thought about any outfits to wear for our trip, but most importantly, the wedding. Rather than being productive and looking through my closet or hitting the shops, I created out-of-budget wedding attire from the always reliable net-a-porter and polyvore. Check out my three outfit options:

Wedding Outfit

I chose a sleeveless, flowy dress because it may be kind of humid and wanted to keep cool. To make things interesting, I’d wear these patterned heels. The clutch will add more spunk without competing with the shoes. Adding a few accessories and my outfit is complete.

Wedding Outfit

This dress should also keep me cool from the possible humidity. I like keeping things simple and adding a few accessories will kick things up a notch. A silky blue clutch will add some color. With long, dangling earring I won’t need to wear a necklace, and two large cocktail rings will display more appeal.

Wedding Outfit

My monochromatic outfit may be more appropriate for an evening wedding but since this is a virtual concept, why not go all out. The draping of the Burberry Prosum dress is the focal point and don’t want to overshadow it with accessories, so I’ve kept them in the same color scheme except the nail polish, which is pale enough to not overdo it. I must say though, that cocktail ring is killer. No really, you can probably kill someone with it. Evan thought it was armor.

Now I’m off to reality and must choose one budget conscience wedding outfit. Feel free to ask me for  further product information.

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