After eight days, four hotels, three boroughs, two flights, one “town,” miles of walking, a subway ride, about ten cabs, and close to 800 pictures, I AM HOME. New York treated me well, but there is only so much chaos I can take and arriving in my more relaxed city is just where I feel at home. I’ll abbreviate the picture overload and share only the ones I think you might be interested in. Bear with me, I know no one gets overly excited to view someone else’s vacation photos. It’ll take me a while to sort through the madness, so for today I’m sharing my Halloween costume. Halloween was like sooo last week, I know.

First, the inspiration photos:

What? You don’t get it? A shimmery makeup up, come hither, wannabe warrior who got cold and put a sweater on? No! A Goddess of Peace. Hello. My name means Goddess of Peace. Seriously. Don’t believe me, read this. I dressed up as the definition of my name. That sounds geeky so I went with Goddess of Peace. Which, let me tell you, could not be more accurate because I hate fighting. Want the answer to world peace, start naming your kids Irene. Yes, plural. Name all of your kids Irene and that won’t confuse anyone.

Oh yeah, this is what I looked like:

Let’s be friends, I won’t ever fight with you.