As an honorary Jew, you’d think I’d get eight presents. Nope. But that’s okay ’cause I kinda have a no gift policy when it comes to the holidays, lead by me for The Husband. I’m really picky and I have a hard time deciding between what I want and what I want-want. We all want tons of things but choosing what I reeeeeaaally want for things like my birthday and Christmas/Hanukkah puts a lot of pressure on me. I usually ask for a giftcard (cash or check will do too) but The Husband thinks that’s unromantic, uncreative and impersonal. I think it’s as practical as it gets. But alas, I must decide and sent him links of the things I want-want. And just for fun, I mixed in some things I want.

1. navajo sweater 2. flowers book 3. kate spade iphone case 4. zumba video 5. fragrance 6. thank you cards 7. miu miu pumps 8. sofia coppola x louis vuitton clutch.

PS – Today marks my official one year blog anniversary. ONE WHOLE YEAR! I will not be celebrating today because I didn’t actually start to get more serious about it until February. Drinks for all come Feb. Thanks for visiting. And if you wanna see how much more amateur I was, read my first post here.