Yesterday was The Sistah’s birthday and I thought it’d be super swell sister of me if I made dinner for her. The meal was nothing fancy but I did set a fancy table because that’s what I’m better at. So in came a table setting for six (sister, brother, significant others. Hey, that rhymes).

My plan was to set a pretty table but not spend a ton of money doing so.

This is kinda how my mind works:

Yellow (her favorite color) – immediate inspiration. I also wanna use some sparkle. Off I go to find me some glitter/confetti. Found it. No yellow but gold. Gold is like yellow’s sophisticated cousin. Got it, next. Hey, I have those gold chargers from A Sibling Christmas Dinner. Perfect. Might as well use the same sparkly placemats too, they’re pretty. I also have that candelabra I didn’t get to use. That’ll be my centerpiece. Duh, I’ll use my china. Clear wine glasses to go with the clear candelabra and candlesticks. Shoot, I keep breaking them and only have four. Oh, but I have those white goblets and I always like to mix and match. Remember when I used them for Thanksgiving? And my garden party? I love them. What about napkins? I have white ones, yes! And gold napkin rings. Score. I’m gonna need flowers. Let’s keep it simple. Spider mums and some white ones I didn’t catch their name. Hmmm…. I wanna bring something else to the table, literally. Oh, I forgot, I have that fabric leftover from last New Years. Ugh, that means going in the garage and I hate going in the garage. Whatever, this fabric has some sparkle (not picked up by picture). Anything for The Sistah, right? This’ll be my tablecloth. But I want something else. I know! I’ll wrap fake presents because I have coordinating paper. Is that mean? Be honest, this is strictly for styling purposes. In that case, let me use my yellow teacup and saucer. I’ve been wanting to bust it out. This table needs some extra pattern. What about my python tray? Okay.

There you have it, another designstILes table.