The Husband and I were living in archaic times after our water heater busted (as mentioned here). No hot water equals cold shower or no shower. After my face went numb when I washed it with ice cold water, I decided I wanted to feel my body for the rest of the day, so I took the renaissance route and went no shower. Don’t judge me, it was only one day. I’ve gone longer. Uh, I mean. Anyway, we’re back to living liked civilized people and I need to remember to be thankful for hot water. Thank you, hot water. You feel good. Real good.

You’re probably dying to know what damage, other than unshaven legs, happened as a result of a broken water heater. And, well, we get to replace our kitchen floor. Hopefully, on insurance’s tab. But you know how sneaky those bastards can be.

I’m thinking if we’re already going to be down there, might was well work our way up and redo the cabinets too. Today we get to look at kitchens. C’mon be excited.

Remember when I talked about these floors here. Yeah well, I still want them.

I’ve had a love affair with white cabinets since I got married and we’re still going strong. I also like glass doors to show off the pretty plates I don’t yet own.

I know I just said me and white cabinetry are going strong, but I’m also thinking I might cheat on them with some blue.

After cheating, you usually end up with the one you really love. Or alone. But we’re clearly only talking kitchens here.

Happy Monday!

images via, unknown scanned by me The Way We AreArianna Belle