Kelly over at 1551 Transformed awarded me this:

Thanks Kelly. Won’t argue this one.

So the rules are:

1. Thank and link back to the person(s) that awarded me. (Check)
2. Share 7 things about myself. (below)
3. Pass the Award to other great new bloggers. (okay)
4. Contact those bloggers and tell them about the award. (will do)
Okay here goes it:
1. I’m really good at keeping secrets. No, really. If you’re just dyyyying to share a secret, tell me and I’ll keep it for you. Email me for rates.
2. When I was little I kinda wished I was psychic and now I kiiiiinda am. I swear. Now don’t go emailing me asking me to tell you when you’ll get married or where you’ll be two years from now. I’m more in the category of I think stuff and it happens shortly after I think it. This happens A LOT. Coincidence? Maybe. Psychic? I think so.
3. Any time I finish eating McDonald’s, I end up feeling guilty, dirty, and get the sudden urge to wash my face.
4. More often than not, people think I’m Armenian. Followed by Persian. And every now and then I get Colombian or Italian.
Nope, Mexican.
5. Girls are about to hit the floor with this one, but manicures and pedicures make me tense. I cannot for the life of me relax and enjoy either, so I just don’t get them. I know!
6. One of my biggest fears is being stuck in an elevator.
7. I randomly got involved in Scientology for like a month. Weeeeird.
I now pass this award on to:
Arianna of Arianna Belle
Hallie of The Glam Lamb
and last but definitely not least
Demi of Messy Buns
Thanks again Kelly!
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