Well ladies and gentlemen, our powder room is allllllmost finished. I’m still in search of a storage unit to hold the unnecessary toilet room knick knack paddy whack stuff I didn’t throw out during demo and need to hide. To the right of the sink is a big empty space that requires this storage thing I speak of.


Last night we made some progress and hung up this towel ring thing. And by we I mean The Husband.

I played my part by bringing in this glass vase and stuck some greenery in it to fool you into thinking I always have fresh flowers.

Before we proceed, let’s take a trip down memory lane with some befores


The Eh


The Vicious


The Now We’re Getting There

I’ll have you know that taking this picture here was tricky and proved to me I have a strong sense of balance.

You see, If I stood directly in front of the mirror you’d see exactly what I look like in the morning and I want to keep you thinking I wake up like one of those girls on tv, fresh faced and no pillow wrinkles. I also wake up with minty fresh breath. I’d be jealous of me.

So yeah, I had to balance the hell out of myself in order to get a decent shot shot shot shot.

The things I do for you.

Now in return, all I ask is that you tell me what a great job I did in selecting my wallpaper.

And anything else you feel like pointing out.

No pressure.

Happy Tuesday!



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