Because I don’t think I could write a cohesive paragraph today, I’m just going to list all the reasons I’m crushing on this room.

In no particular order:

1. Overall casual vibe

2. Textured white walls

3. I used to be a nazi about making my bed every morning, and resisted strangling anyone who would sit on it and mess it up. Then I got lazy and stopped. Sorta like this person. I like this look. In this room.

4. Striped throw

5. velvety looking blue rug

6. cafe wood chair

7. tulip table used as nightstand

8. light fixtures

9. natural light

10. fan has me thinking this is a warm summer’s day. I like that thought.

11. glossy white floors

12. and last but not least, the artwork. That’s pretty much the focal point. Wonder if The Husband will let me hang a huge picture of me over our bed?

Oh yes, and Kelly is featuring more of what I stash in my purse over on her blog. Let’s head over there and have a drink!

image via apt 34