First and foremost, don’t go to New Orleans (New Or-lee-anns as I like to call it) if you’re a recovering alcoholic. Temptationsville. But if you haven’t yet admitted you have a problem, then this is the place for us you.

Why yes, there is alcohol in my disposable cup. Just Kidding! It’s coffee.

At the airport, The Husband (I think I’m just going to start calling him Evan cause that’s six less letters to type. Why keep it mysterious? But he usually says, Why do you call me Evan? And I’m like, ’cause that’s your name. Question me when I start calling you Steve) turned to me and said, You look stylish. And then asked to take a picture. Because I don’t know what it’s like to be snapped by the papa paparazzi, I jumped at the opportunity. Although I look more eager and less letmehidemyface.

PS – my pants are pink.

Our first day we checked out Bourbon Street. Not my favorite. It’s like a cross between the red light district and TJ, and smells like drunk, trash and a little vom. Even in the red light district, the hookers are BEHIND glass windows.

That night we had dinner at John Besh’s restaurant, August. It was good. Really good.

The rest of our trip was dedicated to eating, with a large side of drinking.

I had shrimp ten ways. I ate shrimp gumbo, shrimp creole, shrimp po’ boy x 3.

They should’ve cast me as Bubba.

Ironically these are oysters…um, covered in Parmesan! Drooling here. We ate these WHILE waiting to be seated for dinner and just after having a late lunch.

We didn’t mind waiting to be seated because it turned into a block party. And I like parties.

I forgot to say that we started our day eating beignets.

With the egregious amounts of powdered sugar and a slight breeze, you come out looking like:

Tony Montana, which gave us the line (pun) of the trip, Se ello to my liddle beigné.

I ended up eating eight. Thankfully not in one sitting.

Perch, on Magazine Street, was just as I had hoped. An Interior Design store filled with colorful, vintage, contemporary furniture and home accessories.

Here’s a peak at the entry.

Next up, Jazz Fest



Before after what, I don’t know.

But Jazz Fest Food Fest was awesome! crawfish mac n cheese got my vote for best food item at the festival. The pork sandwich braised in milk was my second favorite. Or maybe the crawfish and cheese stuffed bread thing. Yeah, that was really good too.

By faaaaar the best food items at any music festival I’ve ever attended. Heck the food selection was better than any mall I’ve been too. But that’s not saying much, I think.

Our last day we just walked around and took pictures.

Here’s me feeling like I had five of those champagne bottles the night before.

Great city, delicious food, nice people, good music equals a fantastic time.

Until next time, NOLA.