I’ve already looked through the latest Lonny twice and plan to look through it at least once more for further inspection. It’s the little details that get me. I especially loved the New Orleans feature and love that the latest issue launched the same day I posted about my New Orleans trip. Working those psychic waves again.

And when coming across the Lonny offices and saw this image


I sorta wanted to kick myself for passing up similar yellow truffault lamps at Home Goods.


Seeing double.

I spotted this over the summer and it’s no longer at any Home Goods near me, but if you spy one near you, my advice would be to snatch it.

It’s about half the size of the real deal but it’s also about a quarter of the price.

So what did we learn today, kids?

Buy inexpensive stuff you love even when you don’t need it ’cause it might show up in Lonny one day and make you feel worthy.



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