The pink shorts I mentioned waiting for yesterday arrived.

They’d fit perfectly if I was, Oh, I don’t know, a four year old.

I’m pretty positive I was shopping in the women’s department when my order was placed.

My friend asked me if the girls size 6 were my “goal shorts” for summer.

Now she has me thinking.

Just Kidding.

I’m returning them.

But not before I chased Nora around the house to get her to try them on.

shocking pink is not her color, she barks.

I think she just likes to give me a hard time.

Now you think I’m a sicko for forcing my dog into human shorts before returning them.

Let’s just say I’m keeping them because the thirty something dollars was worth the thirty something seconds of laughter, and because I’m going to try to fit into them next summer.

Kidding again.

While we’re on the topic of shorts and yesterday’s post,

these cross crochet and shorts off my summer wardrobe list.

outfit, you are perfect.

Looking for crochet shorts too? I found these.

Here’s the guy equivalent of the perfect outfit.

Doesn’t hurt that it’s Ryan Gosling underneath those clothes.

these two would make beautiful outfit babies.

kinda sucks to be the guy walking behind Ryan.

Happy Thursday!


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