I bought that thrift store light fixture I mentioned in my post from yesterday. You know, the one I said looked similar to the one I actually posted.

Let’s refresh our memories.




As soon I got back into my car after making my purchase, I got on my phone to check out their similarities.

I don’t know you tell me, but I think I got myself a twin separated at whereverthiswasmade.

And whoever bought the one from Shades of Light thinks they got themselves a one of a kind fixture.

Guess it’s two of a kind.

Not to mention I bought mine for about 900 dollars LESS.

This makes up for those times I feel I’ve been ripped off.

Let me know if you’d like to buy mine for 998 dollars.

I’ve been sworn to secrecy about this thrift store I speak of, but just to rib it in, I always find something interesting. And they’re beyond reasonably priced. Clearly.

Here are other recent purchases from secret thrift store.


gold flatware for twenty bucks.


a cute little stool/side table that needs some color. 30 bucks.


a ceramic zebra like the one I mentioned in this post, and I didn’t need to go all the way to Long Beach to buy it.

Ten dollahs!

I also want to thank Erika from Small Shop Studio for writing some great things about me and this little blog of mine.

Read it here.

Thank You!

Happy Weekend, everyone.