TH emailed me after yesterday’s post went up and suggested I show off his coffee tin.

Here you go TH. Rejoice.

Don’t judge the baby’s breath. I like it on its own, okay.

Someone buy this sofa. She’s a classic beauty. Those curves. That tufting. She was on my wishlist but I bought a daybed instead.


Life is handing me lemons alright. Lemons the size of asteroids. Our tree must be magical.

Even the doggie treat canister is confused.

Nora got an ugly haircut so I tried hiding it with a dress. But really I bought it because dogs in clothes crack me up.

Isn’t she stylish?

And last but not least, an invite. Party on.

To what, you ask? A charity project. The one I discussed here, remember?

If you’re in the Los Angeles area and you’re available either Saturday or Sunday from 11-3, come check out some amazing rooms by some really inspiring Interior Designers, including Tamara from House of Honey (blogged about here), Hillary Thomas who many of us know from Lonny, and Vanessa De Vargas who pretty much put campaign dressers and e-decorating on the blog map. And betwixt all these fabulous designers is me. Exciting and a bit nerve-wracking. My room is very thrift store chic while some are high-end exquisite. Something for everyone, yes?

Come! You’re sure to be inspired. Oh yes, and it’s free!!!!!!!

Happy weekend.


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