Bought this dress in Little Tokyo after visting the Art in the Streets exhibit at MOCA. I would suggest going, but yesterday was the last day.

Dress was scored for 40 bucks at some random boutique.

I wore it to an early dinner at Sugarfish in Brentwood. Sweet Baby Jesus, sushi melts right in your mouth, making it difficult to believe I know people who claim not to like sushi or fish. There’s just no way. No way.

Added my denim jacket to keep a bit warmer from the 20 degree difference that results from going pretty much anywhere over the hill from The Valley.

My first attempt at red lips and only recently started wearing lipstick altogether. My red lips were achieved by Nars bloodwork.

Same Foley + Corinna bag from before.

My favorite booties in the most comfortable heel height. Thrifted necklace.

Happy Tuesday!