Saturday we had our room painted.

I pretty much gave up my career as as painter when I accidentally bought water based paint when I need oil based. Think of the ugliest watercolor painting you’ve seen and my wall was worse than that.

Oil based was a drag to paint with. You can only imagine what the scene was like when my color choice was hooker lipstick red and oil based paint likes adhering to your epidermis no matter how hard you scrub. No ma’am, I ain’t murder no one.

I quit that day job quick and have since stuck with professionals.

Our room used to look like this:

Cool. I liked it, but I never reeeeaallly loved the chocolate brown that never was. I think it needed at least one extra coat. And I’m pretty much over the whole accent wall thing.

In this post I showed off my mood board. Turned out nothing like it.

So this Saturday I got the change I was aiming for. Not too drastic and not a lot spent.

Cheapo IKEA drapes that I plan on adding some trim to.

My 1000 dollar light fixture that I found for a 100 bucks.

I did end up going with the West Elm shams seen in the mood board, though.

Yes, these are the same leopard bolsters seen on my daybed. Haven’t decided where I’m going to keep them.

TH’s reading material. Book has nothing to do with the fake meat in a can.

Love what a gallon of paint and some rearranging can do.

Happy Monday!