I checked out the latest issue of Adore last night and was completely smitten by the space Nichole of NL Designs created.

A PR firm never looked so stylish and glamorous. Are you guys hiring?

That big, gold frame was found on trash day! Originally a mirror, a hand-drawn logo now showcases the PR firm’s name.

Coffee table was a Craigslist find. I have a pretty identical one still in its current state of wood. I’m really digging this gold and white look. I think we have a copy cat on the loose ie me.

Check out those dipped chairs. Bottom half of legs are gray.

Nichole’s always full of inspiration on her blog, Parlour. Go and visit.

Now I don’t ask for a lot of favors, but you guys have to listen to this song used for a behind the scenes video of “Rooftop Rendevous”, a spread in the magazine.

Site says it’s been played 170 times today. I’m sure they’re all me.

Last night it was on repeat until it was time to go to bed.

I had TH help me hunt down the artists, Ack Kinmonth and Dee Bianchi.

After numerous bounced back emails, Dee’s came through this morning giving me a bit more info. They’re a songwriting duo who wrote this song specifically for this shoot.


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