My sister started this tradition of gathering her friends to carve pumpkins and calling it a party. If wine is involved you can call anything a party. I usually have a party of one Mon-Thurs.

I found out last night her PCP (pumpkin carving party, not the drug. Although that would be interesting) started in college. That’s code word for a long time ago. I was still in high school when she was in college and thus not cool enough to be invited. Now she thinks I’m cool and I think I’m too cool to do any carving and stick to sharpies.

Here’s what I did to set up and make things look spooky. Not really.

Popcorn in cupcake cups makes you feel like you’re eating less popcorn, even if you grab multiple cups. That was my ‘trick’. Hey-O!

Eye ball gumballs – instant quasi-spook.

Some of this stuff you’ll recognize from this post.

Poisonous wine harmed no one.

And the reason we gather at this party… I present to you… the pumpkins.

Mine’s the one that says BOO. Did it scare you? This is where the barely carved comes in.

The one to my right is an emoticon. Get it, get it?

Can anyone spot the fake? It’s the one that looks fake. The carving is all real though.

The one next to the fake didn’t develop properly and has no choice but to look up at the sky at all times. I think it looks like it’s waiting for a shot to be poured into it’s mouth. aka pumpkin is ready to party aka it’s special needs aka I can’t beleive friend L paid full price aka it was the laughing stock of the party aka it was my favorite.

aka it arrived home safer than me.

Who’s laughing now suckas?

Hopefully all of us because you lookin’ funny.

Happy Monday!