How in the world is it October already? I swear it was March just yesterday. I feel like I’m still trying to work off last year’s massive Thanksgiving dinner in order to prepare for summer’s swimsuit season. It’s like the calendar train forgot to stop and now we’re at October again and I need to pick my slutty costume pronto. At the rate we’re going I might as well start writing down my New Year’s resolutions for 2013.

You’re moving way too fast for me, time. I wanted to take it slow. Get to know you. It’s like you’re asking me to move in when we just started dating.

Speaking of time flying, TH and I moved into our house two years ago today. In celebration I already started drinking. I wish I was kidding. Just kidding, I am. Only thing I’m drinking this early is ma coffee. But I’m only saying that so you don’t judge me.

So what the hell am I getting at with this post, you ask? I know, sorry. That was the longest intro for not much of a climax.

Today I have for you a Halloween inspired table setting. Do I hear a trick-or-treat?

All this stuff is on the cheap, minus the 1st dibs dining table which probably costs as much as our house.

Oh wait, the chair is also from 1st dibs. They’re the equivalent of a downpayment.

I need to get me some of those Target goblets.

Hand servers are also from Target.

See, Target’s awesome. The web salad plate is from Target too.

To prove I’m not a one stop shopper, the orange dot table runner is from CB2.

Dinner plate if from West Elm.

Candelabra was found at Z Gallerie.

Tapers are from pier one and I like them because they bleed like a broken heart.

Happy Birthday!

Hope it’s someone’s birthday otherwise that’s really awkward of me to finish off with.