A couple of you asked me if I purchased anything from The Designer Flea Market I went to over the weekend.

I’m happy to report I did. And I’m flattered that you’re interested in the sorts of things I buy.

I bought a stool and some books.


A stool that goes perfectly with my Idontknowwhattodowithyou collection and some books I totally judged by their cover color.

The stool was purchased from Brittany Stiles. Remember this post when I blogged about how she stole my Twitter name?

I knew she’d be there and wanted to meet her, but had no clue where her stand would be.

As I handed over my money to pay for the stool, I looked down to see Brittany’s business cards on the table. Oh, It’s YOUUUUUU!

designstiles and I’m Idesignstiles. Let’s battle.

No, I’m joking. She’s way nice and I love her work.

Check out this baby shower she recently hosted for her sister, posted on her blog.

Absolutely gorgeous, rich Fall colors.


https://farm7.static.flickr.com/6039/6328801133_79f6b87c4a.jpg https://farm7.static.flickr.com/6119/6329552354_a1fc775bc5.jpg


And in other great news. I got some PRESS today!!!

In Standard magazine, an online publication.

Click >>>HERE<<<

to read the article featuring me and a few other designers who worked on The Good Shepard Charity Project. There were 30 designers and five of us were featured in this spread. It’s a great feeling being that I came in as a total newbie.

I was said to have joined the “classic with adorable”.  All this time I’ve been saying cute. I think adorable is the better adjective.

I probably won’t post until Friday. I’m still in New York and our free internet runs out in a few hours.

Happy Wednesday!