Now that Christmas is over we can focus on the important stuff. Like returning all those gifts we didn’t want. Just Kidding. I always wanted a jar opener. No, no jar opener. Not this time.

TH did gift me those stocking stuffers I blogged about in this post. Shoot, if I would’ve known I would’ve put some real effort into that list. I already knew what my presents were going to be because packages kept showing up at our house before he did, from stores he doesn’t shop at. Net-a-porter? You got me the playsuit. Christmas morning I was like, Can I open my Madewell socks now? I found it funny. He did not.

It’s usually difficult for TH to surprise me, but this year I was 100% surprised by this message he got engraved on my new gadget.

I cried. Real tears.

Our fur babies got some great presents too. My sister in law gave our pups a stuffed lobster, corn, baked potato and lemon. I think it’s hilarious and all day yesterday we’ve been trying to teach Nora new words. We subbed her ball out for fake food. In lieu of saying get your ball, we now say get your potato. Get your corn and put some butter on it.

Pure comedy.

The surprises just keep coming in.

Today, Desire to Inspire (they’re big!) listed me as one of the blogs to read on their Christmas Reading Guide.


This week’s posts will be kinda sporadic as people are just getting off the Christmas high and gearing up for New Years, so it’s a little slow all around.

Happy Tuesday!