My BCF (Best Cousin Forever) is currently grinding out a Master’s Degree in Social Work at USC. Her internship entails being a psychotherapist for HIV clients who are predominately Latino. She was assigned her own office and came to me to cheer it up. A small office with a small budget, I was up for the challenge. Making the office look even remotely cheerier is the least I could do for clients coming in who are already in a difficult situation.

Here’s the before, but after it was painted with the color I chose.

Let’s add come color. Some life.

IKEA acrylic desk chair, vintage lamp, Home Goods accessories.

Girl with the pearl earring art piece used to hang in my living room, but took it down after I replaced it with this piece. It now complements this 50s stile desk.

Treating the Trauma of Rape – quite the polar opposite of all the design books filled with pretty I’m used to.

This horse watercolor painting was already in the office. I love it and the matting ties in perfectly with the black baseboard.

To save costs, I bought plain, white IKEA drapes and had my mom sew some inexpensive houndstooth fabric and trim from Joann’s. Thanks mom.

Just a few minor changes can make a big impact.

Happy Monday!

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