TH and his friend mail each other music compilations (music on a cd, by mail. They’re oldskool) at least a few times a year. Randomly I decided to make said friend my own mix and a few months ago I received his mix to me in TH’s last compilation package. I look forward to these mixes even if they’re not addressed to me because I know I am guaranteed songs I’ve never, ever heard.

My absolute favorite song off my mix was this one, by TOKiMONSTA.

When I asked him who the artist was he replied with this, “That Tokimonsta track was the first song I heard at this cool record shop in Portland, OR when I went there this summer. I was there right when they opened and the guy behind the counter just played that EP while he was still getting the shop in order. It was perfect.”

Soon thereafter I looked for more songs and am currently really enjoying this one.

Blue and orange aren’t typically colors one would reach for first, so it was interesting to see what would come up in my room search. Something simple to balance a more intricate, progressive sound.

The sloped blue wall reminds me of one of the blue triangle sides.

Happy listening!