I’m back.

Well, I scheduled this before I left so I guess I was never really gone.

But today’s our anniversary and what better way to profess the love you have for your husband than on the internet. To strangers. Who weren’t there for your wedding.

Six years, ey. It only feels like 60.


I found this picture in our wedding photobooth scrapbook and it made me laugh.

I remember this was at the very end of the night and I’m not sure if a) it hit me that, oh man, am I really married? or b) wait, is this ring even real?

To answer my own questions, I am married and it is real….and needs to be cleaned.

I’ll keep the extra corny stuff for the anniversary card, but just wanted to openly share how lucky I feel to have been paired with such an amazing person.

Happy Sappy Saturday!

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