Remember that day I teased you with this mood board?

It’s been a while.

Bachelorman needed some help picking out a new sofa, dining table, dining chairs, artwork, area rugs and artwork.

I’m here for you, bachelorman.

Here are some photos I took.

First, the befores.

He really didn’t have anything but a shitload of books. And a coffee table to store 1/16 of his books, some bookcases for books (der) and a tv console for…more books! Go figure.

A few key elements to make his space more personable.

Unfortunately, we couldn’t paint.

For artwork, we had his favorite book covers enlarged and framed.

Books everywhere, I tell you.

And he’s read them all. Who does that? Kidding.

There you have it, decor on a budget.

Happy Wednesday!