I LOVE this Chromatics song, which means by next week I’ll probably hate it because I tend to play and replay a song I love until I almost can’t stand it.

TH said, I don’t like this song. It’s depressing. Sounds like Sarah Mclachlan.

A) now I’m depressed because you offended my musical taste. And B) maybe it is depressing because nowadays I really only associate Sarah Mclachlan with that saaaad animal commercial. You know the one. I didn’t link to it because that would be cruelty to you.

Back to the song. Kill for Love is not woe is me depressing. It’s more like I’m human and I have real feelings depressing. C’mon these people killed for love. How Romeo and Juliet. Only they died for love. But they killed each other. Same thing.

And actually I’m terrible with lyrics so I don’t even know what the song is about, but I’ve been into that sounds-like-you-recorded this-in-your-parents-garage sound.

I mean, and then there’s the album cover. This is art. And that room. Rich!

Happy Monday!