I discovered Alisha Gwen while watching the telly (that’s short for television and longer for tv).

You know how people say, Oh, I don’t watch tv, and you’re like, yeah right. Just like you don’t drink soda. I bet you do both.

I swear, I really don’t watch tv. Housewives is about the only show I have any real commitment to. My confession to watching Jersey Shore doesn’t count. I was hungover, verging on still drunk. Everyone makes bad decisions under the influence.

So Alisha Gwen is not a Housewife and I found out about her while watching another program. Okay fine, it was on HGTV. She was on this show called Showhouse Showdown and even though she didn’t win, I loved her designs far more than her competitors.

Bold pattern and vibrant colors – a girl after my own heart.

A kitchen with two islands. Perfect for those who love to host.

Open shelving is a sure way to make you organized and only display pretty plates.

Classic furniture pieces updated with bright, modern colors and patterns.

I’m also one for quirkiness. Artichoke base lamps add a playful touch.

You can scope out more of Alisha’s work here or follow along with her blog here.

Happy Thursday!

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