Lucas Studio, Inc. is a high end residential design firm in LA whose design aesthetic is comfortable and classic.

Yes, this sofa looks way more comfortable than my bed.

Wood nightstand with beautiful detail and soft colors create a very comfortable and classic look.

This fireplace is inviting us all in to get comfortable.

Loving the white tree stump used as a side table.

A more fun approach to their stile with pattern play and bold colors.

Holy antlers.

A hockey stick never looked so stylish.

Maybe I’ll reconsider displaying TH’s baseball bats.

Those open doors are saying, c’mon in and get comfortable.


Did you notice the turquoise headboard?

Groovy art.

Harbinger is their retail showroom. And based on these photos, I need to pop on in.

If you aren’t in the Los Angeles area, you can view what goodies they offer here.

To check out more of Lucas Studio, Inc. click here.

Happy Thursday!

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