My floral arrangement class was fun.

Class started with, Help yourself to some wine.

Wow, classes have changed since I’ve been in school. I usually had to sneak in the alcohol. I should’ve signed up sooner.

Cheese and other snacks were also provided.

I mostly stuck with wine.

I learned quite a bit of new tricks and tips. I learned to spiral (not a dance move) flowers into a bouquet, how to cut and prep flowers, and how to look for fresh flowers: for roses, pat with the palm of your hand. If firm, they’re fresh. But try to avoid touching white flowers because they’ll brown faster.

If you want your floral arrangement to last longer, change the water every day and cut the bottom of the stems a bit so the flowers absorb that water. When it comes to changing the water, I’m so guilty of never doing it. Once I fill that vase with water, I just leave it as is until my flowers die. I vow to treat you better, flowers.

If your flowers aren’t easily removable, you can run your arrangement under the sink and flush out the old water.

When starting to arrange, creating a grid helps a lot. It allows flowers to stay in place. You can also use some of that green floral foam but you can’t really use that if you have a clear vase, and they’re not environmentally friendly. Look at me, getting eco on you.

The grid, brought to you by Martha Stewart Living.

You can fill your bowl, or vase up with water first. Make sure to dry the edges well otherwise your tape won’t stick. This has happened to me when I’m rushing and try to force my tape to stick. Just do it right the first time.

You can figure out how big to make your grid by figuring out the thickness of your flower stems.

And use floral tape. Scotch tape is too wide and just doesn’t work the same. Speaking from experience.

The last hour of class was spent making our own arrangements.

The instructor gave us some tips, but she said it’s mostly instinctual. I’m sure there’s more to learn in the advanced courses, but this was a basics class. She wanted us to learn how to make arrangements look more professional with bouquets and flowers you’d find at the super market. She said to just play around with the flowers while you’re arranging. It’s all really personal preference too. It all kind of depends on the look you’re going for. I like my arrangements low and compact.

With water and all, mine weighed like 30 pounds. I rushed home to try to take some pictures outside before the sun went down.

What do you think? Did I pass?

If you’re in the Los Angeles area, next intro class is May 31st.

Classes by Flour LA.

Happy Thursday!