Sometimes the pesky little junction box just isn’t centered to where you’d ideally want to hang your light fixture.

Hey, it could be worse. Buy a pendant with some chain and swag that ish.

Problem solved.

Or maybe you want some swag for extra da-rama.

Check out the ones over this island. So ‘n sync. Bye bye bye.

Or maybe you fall into my category where you’re working on a project and there’s no junction box in the ceiling and client already bought the light fixture and having a junction box installed is not the preferred option.

So you go to your electrician, have him add some chain and an online switch and you plug it in to a standard outlet and swag it over a dresser. Or actually, the dresser part has been undecided. But for 30 bucks, we now have a swagging pendant.

Ta-da. And for my next act.

Just kidding. I do no magic.

Happy Wednesday!

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