Sunglasses hate me. The good ones at least. The cheap ones love me. They like to stick around for a while. The good ones, however, like to hide so good I can’t find them. Or they just run away.

I’m infatuated with these Louis Vuitton “Anthea” sunglasses for their 70s vibe. The coral ones are my favorite.

There’s no way I would ever justify spending that much on these, but they’re real pretty to look at. For the rate of these I could buy 60 cheap ones and be set for life.

I think this is the first time I’ve ever used the word sunnies. Any Rachel Zoe lingo usually makes me cringe. “I die.” Fine, you’re dead. Rest in Peace.

In this case, sunglasses really was too long to use.

Any sunnies sunglasses you’re crushing on?