I forgot I never showed you the rest of this project.

Today I share the living room, dining room and a part of the entry.

Here’s the before of the dining room.


Not a whole lot going on.


Now we have a little more going on.

Like awesome glare.

Three rooms on a budget. Stretching those dollars.

Living Room before.


I spy my umbrella.





We still need to put some artwork going up those stairs.


I coincidentally found this console at Home Goods when I had to drive back for a second time because they wouldn’t hold something for me. I was so annoyed that I had to go back out of my way, but luckily I did because I didn’t spot this on my first visit. I think someone was trying to hide it since I found it covered up by other pieces.

Paid a little over $500 for it. zinc door sells the same piece for $1353, plus shipping!

I love you zinc door, but I win this round.

Happy Tuesday!