Remember the days before the internet? Yeah, don’t remind me.

Whenever I come across the Home Shopping Network site I immediately think of the television network.

I always picture lonely women at home watching cheesy ladies sell them cheesy jewelry (okay I’ll admit, sometimes I kinda liked it) or sweaters. The ladies on the screen were always so cheery too. Even as a ten year old I was like, what’s their problem? In retrospect, I think they were probably just drunk. I’d be cheery too. In fact, I’m cheery right now. Wait, don’t read into that.

It was so weird to me that people could watch the network all day and wait for just the right item to place an order over the phone. I was like, just go to mall. But then again these stay at home women were probably still in their pjs at 3 in the afternoon.

And then the internet came along and HSN has a site and now you can search for the items yourself without watching any cheesy ladies.

And now people (older people) think it’s weird that I buy stuff online.

Huh, who doesn’t buy stuff online? I love coming home to packages. It’s like snail mail couture.

So yeah, HSN. Dude they have some pretty cool home decor items.

No more calling for HSN stuff. By no more, I mean I never did. That one time doesn’t count.

Happy Thursday!