Toronto was awesome. It took us about six hours longer than it should have to get there because of thunderstorms delaying our flight, but we arrived safely. And a lot extra gross from the New York humidity and overcrowded airport.

TH and I really enjoyed this city we had no previous clue about. It was either Montreal or Toronto and I think Toronto won because TH’s co-worker had five years of Toronto experience over Montreal, and he gave us a loose itinerary of spots and neighborhoods to check out.

Toronto is like Danny Tanner clean. Spic and Span.

I described it as a cross between Seattle and Amsterdam. If you haven’t been to either, then that sentence just came across like I’m showing off.

Museum of something.

There’s the Space Needle. I mean, The CN tower.

This was at TH’s co-worker’s friend’s place who practically let us invade his place without him being home. He’s said he left his door unlocked and we could make ourselves at home. I made a sandwich. Just kidding. He actually got there before us. After a few beers I asked if I could rearrange his furniture. He “coincidentally” said he had to be somewhere in ten minutes. I saw it as a service. I forget that some people may see it as an insult.

Toronto is also culturally diverse.

Here you see tasty dim sum.

Nuts in a Chinatown market.

Not pictured were also Little Italy, Little Greece, Little Portugal and Little Norway. I believe there was also a Little Jamaica but don’t quote me.

No Little Mexico, but I should’ve gone in there to tell them this name is so Wrongo.

I so Mexi-didn’t go in this market.

We did go into the Lawrence Market however. A peameal sandwich is the Canadian (anyone else say, Canoodian?) contribution to the food world. That and poutine, which is like chili cheese fries with fancier toppings.

A candid shot of me looking urban by graffiti. Promise I wasn’t being all [Parker] Posey.

Pretty flowers across from the graffiti wall. I called this, boy meets girl.

I think you’ll know by the Hard Rock Cafe we’ve entered the tourist trap.

A lady sleeping on a statue of a woman breastfeeding her baby. Told ya this city is exciting.

Here’s TH proving he was there.

A pretty church.

And a pretty chick motorcycle across from a pretty patio. Eating on a patio is like a big deal. I imagine there isn’t much patio eating in the winter so come summer, you don’t want to skip a meal not eating on a patio.

By the way, the weather was perfect and I have high weather standards. It was 21 degrees Celsius. In Fahrenheit that means it’s not freezing.

Oh yeah, good luck being an alcoholic in this town. Booze is expensive. And not every gas station or liquor store on the corner is licensed.  Have fun trying to buy liquor after 10 pm. I mean, I made the most of it, but people start looking at you suspiciously.

Big beer town too. Someone get this lady a cocktail. I am beered out.

By day two we hit up a grocery store early and tried to be more frugal with our alcohol spending. That’s my bottle on the right.

Toronto is also a crazy pedestrian friendly city. We got a little too friendly with it. Day two I was like, TH please carry me before my legs fall off.

The best meal of the trip award goes to…Terroni! Terroni was really the only eatery nominated, but still.

And actually, there’s a Terroni location already in LA. And there’s a new one coming to downtown. I’m so there. Think homemade pasta in a hip but not crazy trendy atmosphere.

The Toronto location we dined at was in an old courthouse. And there used to be lynching back in the day and there’s said to be ghosts (ahhh, goosebumps). The old jail cells are still intact and that’s where they store their wine. You can see it all when you go down to the restroom. Except maybe the ghosts. Or do you?

And there you have it, our Toronto trip in 25 pictures or less.

Happy Monday.