And just like that it was over. Summer. Technically Autumn doesn’t start until September 22nd, but living in the US we all know that Labor Day marks the unofficial end. My heart aches a little. But looking back at the fun times TH and I had, I’d say it was a good one.

At the end of May we wrote the Lovett Summer List 2012, a loose itinerary of all the things we wanted to cross off and spend more time enjoying while the weather was hot and the days were longer.

While there were some things we wished we would’ve done more of (like going to the beach), there were some really great unexpected surprises (New York and Toronto) that made this whole conscious effort a lot more enjoyable without adding any extra pressure.

Here’s a few pictures because I’ve never been good at taking a lot.

There were a lot of dinners in the backyard. A beach day. As in one beach day. We live in California and we’ve never been like, ooh, the beach. But a few more might’ve been nice. A wedding. I love weddings! And this one taught me to contain my excitement over an open bar and I actually paced myself. At one point in the night I even stopped drinking. I’d say I’m maturing.

Pups. I usually hate walking the dogs at night come the cold months because putting on a coat takes a lot of effort. Summertime I’m all for it. Let’s go the long route. A Where’s Waldo pub crawl was out of the ordinary for us. Never pass up a dress up in costume occasion. A trip to the museum, although we didn’t actually go inside, the trip was made. And I lifted a huge rock. With one hand.

Newww Yoooork.

Cooking. TH did a lot of it. I’d say most. I’m so spoiled now.

And that’s us, some carefree chaotic kids acting like this was our last summer to be free. The PG version.

Not pictured were the hikes, the cocktails, the suntan, the bbqs, the pool time, the cocktails, the more cocktails, the private dance parties, summer concerts and the naps.

Our focus was fun, food and friends. But before we say farewell, we have one last hurrah this weekend to celebrate TH’s birthday in Laguna Beach and a night out with these wild ones. Tamra, Sabra and Erika.

Summer was good to us. Now it’s time to write up our Autumn list and enjoy those pumpkin spice lattes.

Have an amazing weekend!