We had some guests over for dinner the other night and I wanted to make a simple floral centerpiece for our outdoor table setting.

After asking TH to pick up some flowers for me on his trip to the grocery store, he suggested I pick some roses from the garden.

The roses were pretty much all sunburnt so I kept things extra simple and snapped some basil, and wild flowers growing from a bush. This was the easiest arrangement I’ve ever made, taking no more than 5 mins to assemble.

To go with the garden theme, I put the flowers in a pot and voilà, an arrangement was made.

By the time I finished setting the table, it was way too dark to take any photos. And it wasn’t anything you haven’t already seen, so instead I styled them a bit and photographed them in our hallway.

Moral of the story is, save yourself some bucks and check out what you have growing in your yard before you spend money at your local flower shop or market. Simple flowers go a long way.

Happy Wednesday!

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