Do you guys call it Cost Plus or World Market? I always say Cost Plus but I’ve heard people refer to it as World Market and I always think to myself, they must be from out of town.

Anyway, this place is my go-to for affordable stylish home decor. You get to buy cool items and then tell your friends you bought them on your travels to Istanbul. They’ll be like, I don’t remember you going to Istanbul and you’ll be like, dude, I go once I week.

So on my weekly trip to Istanbul. Or India. Which ever you prefer, I noticed they have all these new items. Better get on it before your friends don’t believe you’re a world traveler and they beat you to the coffee table.

PS – they’ve also got a sale going on.

That chandelier is so pretty and it’s only $149.99!

In other news, designstiles has a new logo. Did you notice?

Back when I came up with my name, I thought I was soooo clever using my initials. Never did I think it would be a pain in the ass for people to figure out the spelling. What I clearly thought was one word always confused people. It’s like telling people your name is Amy but it’s spelled with an ie and there’s an accent on the a. WTF. I’d say designstiles, one word, the I and L are capitalized. Irene designs tiles. What? No, I do not design tiles. It was so obnoxious to type it out with the I and L capitalized. No one needs to spend that extra time pressing on the shift key to capitalize two letters that make my name look like and aol screen name circa 1999. In my eyes, it started looking like DesiGnstILescutiegurrl62. It wasn’t easy on the eyes, so adiosky wosky to the upper case I and L. It’s still one word though. All lower case. I know in school we were always taught to capitalize the first letter of someone’s name. You can keep it casual with me. A big thank to anyone who took the time to spell it and write it out correctly. Have fun writing it out with a huge ass heart. The heart, by the way, represents Lovett, my last name.

Huge thanks to Vmac for helping a sistah out. She was really patient with me when I’d ask things like, can you move the heart a liiiittle to the left.

Hope you like it.

Happy Wednesday!