You may recall this post where I pointed out my dying plant.

Rest in peace.

You might also notice some wicker chairs (TH).

I’m sure I’ve also mentioned how I move stuff around when I want to feel like I have new stuff without spending money.

So I moved these chairs into our living room and when I asked TH if he liked them in the living room, he said, I thought these were in the living room.

I’m perplexed as to how his brain registers green ikat for wicker. I know he’s a little color blind but I’m beginning to think he’s furniture blind too. Sucks he’s also not credit card statement blind otherwise I’d have a different stile house once a month and he’d think the house still looks the way it did when we first moved in.

You know what he does notice? Plants. As in he notices when I don’t water them so when I came home with a new one, he said he’d make sure to keep it alive. I’m in charge of rotating it so it gets the right amount of sun every day. Deal.

Meet my not a fiddle leaf fig plant. Are you aware we’re living in a world where even plants are trendy? Shoes, bags, even baby names. I get that. But plants? Okay fine, but let’s not ever make putting your dog in a purse trendy. Oh wait.

Here’s to plants.

To plants!

Happy Tuesday.