I skimmed through the latest HGTV magazine while at the grocery store yesterday and came across designer Ramey Caulkins’ daughter’s bedroom.

“I totally paused”

So cute.

Without sounding like a pedophile, I love childrens’ rooms. I sort of wished I only got to decorate those.

They allow you to get bold with the color and pattern choices, and just all around permit fun.

The other day I told TH, I think we’re having a girl.

He said, I think so too.

Granted I’m not pregnant nor are we even trying, but maybe I do have motherly instincts. They’re called crazy.

And did I tell you TH thought I was pregnant because I wasn’t drinking like my usual self?

Me: Um, but I’m still drinking.

TH: Yeah, but I heard you can have a glass a day.

Me: Not of margaritas.

So yeah, no baby but this room is going in the, I think I’m going to have a girl file folder.

Here’s the same image taken from the designer’s website.

Glad they zoomed out and shot that green chair. I love the look of the vintage-esque fabric. We also get a glimpse of the cowhide rug and bamboo light fixture. I like the styling of the dresser better in this photo. And did you notice the bedside table is striped in this image? Two twin beds is a great idea for sleepovers with her best friend.

A little girl’s room that doesn’t feel too childish and can evolve with her when it’s time make grown up changes.

And speaking of TH, if you’ve ever wondered his perspective about my blogging, he’s the one guest posting today on Victoria’s blog, vmac + cheese on her series, The Man Behind the Blog.

There have been countless TH mentions on my blog, now get to know some of his thoughts.

Happy Wednesday!

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