Today I’m sharing some pictures, taken by Carolina C. Page, of my grandparents’ anniversary fiesta.

We did the whole catholic ceremony shebang and everything. I realized sitting through an hour long mass wasn’t so bad. I could barely even sit through an hour of Housewives and I choose to watch that.

The candid picture of my grandparents is my favorite. My grandpa is quite the funny guy and grandma rarely shows any real emotion in her pictures, and this one here depicts just how much grandpa still charms the panties off of grandma. Hope no one got any mental pictures with that one. Now you did.

I did the centerpieces. And thank jesuschristo my aunt’s sister was visiting because it was her idea to steal greenery from my uncle’s garden when we ran out of flowers. Here I was thinking I bought extra to be safe. It’s tough to judge the exact amount of flowers one will need for twenty plus centerpieces. I even asked my usual guy at the flower mart. Thank you flower mart guy, you really know how to stress a lady out. The 230 degree temperature didn’t help either. Every flower stem was like, I want the last sip of water. For vases, I went with these buckets that reminded me of the days my grandparents used to milk their cows. Moo.

In the end it really (usually) does work out and I’m getting good at practicing my patience.

And no Mexican fiesta is complete without the mariachi.

Arriba arriba.

Happy Thursday!