Jessie pinned this image the other day and I immediately thought, Ooh, I want to recreate that.

Just in time for Halloween, I liked this image because it only really required one place setting. I didn’t want to purchase a whole ton of new stuff I’d then put away in the garage simply to forget about.

Plus, close up shots are my favorite.

Here’s my interpretation.

I used most of the stuff I already had from last Halloween.

That spooky hand champagne flute I found at the grocery store, and the scull vessel thing was found at the 99 cent store while I was stocking up on glow sticks (don’t ask).

I happened to have that black ribbon. And instead of blackberries I went with garlic. The vampires rsvp’d they weren’t coming.

The dahlias are from Wholefoods.

This was fun. Maybe I’ll do a recurring segment where I bite off others peoples ideas.

Happy Thursday!

image one via Camille Styles