An e-decorating client came to me for inspiration for her little girl’s nursery. She mostly needed help picking out a color scheme, then she realized she was also stuck on how to mix stiles. She was looking for some contemporary items blended in with some vintage pieces to create a bit of a mature and slightly sophisticated look while still bringing in some childlike elements. She really didn’t know where to start and was new to this whole e-decorating thing so she really just wanted me to give her some inspiration to figure out if this was something she can then do herself. I pulled a few different things for her but this one was my favorite. And a little more on the higher end side. Isn’t that usually the case? But I think the overall feel and palette can still be achieved if the extra time is spent searching for the right affordable pieces.

I’ve loved this Serena and Lily chandelier for so long now and knew immediately I wanted that to be the starting off point. It’s pretty freaking pricey, but the soft, pale blue is worth it. Maybe not, but it’s still so beautiful.

I thought about keeping most things at eye level neutral, and having the bursts of color and pattern up above on the ceiling with the wallpaper and down below with the area rug, creating some unexpectedness.  Having the ceiling and area rug the same color gives the room some balance.

The vintage elements come from the dresser found on Craigslist, the fabric for cribskirt found on Etsy and the gold mirror for the framed red squirrel. I love that guy. He’s fancy. I bet he smokes cigars. The blue in the print also ties in with the blue of the chandelier.

Then we have the glider. I like the idea of using ‘boys colors’ for girls rooms. It too is unexpected. The blue coordinates with the blues in the floral fabric, which is definitely feminine, and when you rest a cute hugs and kisses pillow on top, it no longer appears boyish.

The elephant hamper is so cute. Now I want one.

The yellow lamp is meant to bring out the yellow from the birds on the wallpaper. And it’s always a good idea to have eye level lighting.

The love paperweight is a cute little accessory I brought in as a reminder to the child how much she is loved. The I love you to the moon and back print is another reminder, again coordinating the colors with the blue and yellow font. Because it’s cursive it feels a little more grown-up too.

I’d love to see this come to life. Maybe I’ll save it for me. Ha!

Happy Tuesday.

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