I’m working with a dude to spruce up his love shack. I mean, bedroom. I think guys are a little scared to work with a lady because they fear she’ll come in and force pinks and florals. I try but eventually I give in. And in most cases, guys just don’t care about decorating. They’re fine with ugly, over sized recliners, a big screen tv and use their finished alcohol bottles as decor. That was kinda cute in college but eventually it’s time to grow up and recycle those bottles and actually purchase real accessories.

Hey fellas, a decorated space is sure to impress your lady friends. She might even agree to date you.

In case you’re in the 1% of guys reading this, some cool, stylish, masculine rooms.

Plaid is rad. It totally is. Brings in the comfort level to this urban loft. It also adds some pattern.

Red shelves make this room feel modern. Nail head trim on the nightstand give the room some edge. Overall great styling.

Stylish and sleek to the max. Every girl you bring to this room will want to marry you.

Clean and neutral.

Here are some (affordable) items I picked for the guy looking to add a cool, cosmopolitan look to his room.

Andy Warhol print for color. Vibrant lamp to bring out the blues in the art. Campaign stile nightstand for elegance and offset the cobalt lamp. Flame stitch decorative pillow for pattern play with the plaid pillow, mixing the modern with the traditional. An industrial clock with brass hands to ensure you’re not late for your date, a polished touch. Simple duvet cover gives an easy, casual look. And last, a charcoal rug in a large scale pattern to contrast with the smaller scale pattern of the pillows.

Voilà. No florals or pinks.

Happy Monday!

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