Now that the holiday of all holidays is fast approaching they’ll be lots of holiday parties to attend or holiday parties to host. And if you’re hosting, I’m sure you already know the key factors to throwing a great fiesta. Music, food, drinks and company, but the one that sometimes gets forgotten is lighting. I’m a stickler for lighting. Nothing kills my buzz more than bad lighting. I get all Goldilocks about it too. It’s too dark, it’s too bright, I want it to look like I just benefited from an amazing facial. It should be bright enough that you actually see the person you’re talking to and dark enough so you don’t see their pores. Creating a nice glow is my personal preference.

The easiest way to achieve that glow is with strings lights. They’re inexpensive and they’re in season.

 For added glow, my favorite, candlelight. I can’t emphasis candlelight enough. It’s the prettiest. I’ve bought unscented white candles in bulk and I bust them out pretty much any time we host anything. Disperse them throughout and notice the extra twinkle. Stick candles in mason jars or clear vases, and if you’re feeling extra crafty, fill them with holiday appropriate decor.

Switch out your bulbs to colored bulbs for added color. Or simply buying bulbs with a lower lumens outpour to create a more party atmosphere. A bulb with 450 lumens and 40 watts means less energy and better mood lighting.

Here’s to better party lighting.

Happy Tuesday!