This floral arrangement is so pretty and is serving as the inspiration behind the gathering I’m hosting this coming weekend for my brother and sister in-law’s birthdays. Plural. My sister-in-law’s birthday is two days after my brothers. If TH’s birthday was two days before mine, I’d be all, yeah, one of us needs a new birthday and I volunteer you. I was the kid who threw a fit when my birthday landed on Mother’s Day. My birthday, my birthmonth. I’m hoping to outgrow that soon.

So this weekend I’m bringing together some family to share an intimate celebration for two birthdays. And, like I said, this floral arrangement is my inspiration. And by inspiration I mean, I’m attempting to straight up copy it, which means it’ll turn out completely different.

More or less, this is the color scheme I’m attempting. Deep reds, crisp, fresh greens, hints of silver, black accents and wood for an au naturel effect.

Can you believe those are paper plates? Me neither. Silver glassware to offset that paper. A cheese server ’cause we’re so grown-up. And a dip-dye tablecloth because we’re also on trend.

Simple and chic.

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