My favorite part about dissecting interiors photos is the styling. I could spend hours studying the techniques and making notes for future reference. I figured this would make a great new blog series, called, The Stylist’s Eye, pointing out what my eye notices and now rather than having tear sheets all over my desk and desktop, I can post them here for easier access.

When coming across Interior Design firm, Jute, it was their laid-back, no fuss approach that had me eager to get styling on my next project.

These photos feel as if the person just left or entered the room. But I know the angle of every single item was strategically placed.

This image below displays a different angle of the same room, showing napkins instead of a book and recipe box. And notice how the pillows have been moved?

These shoes just casually fell to the floor. That’s what we want you to think. I pulled this trick too. Here.

Again, a different angle of the same room. Check out some differences.

Cool, right?

Happy Wednesday!

images via Jute

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