Traditionally, copper and or wool is the 7th wedding anniversary gift.

I share this with you because as of today TH and I have been married for SEVEN.YEARS. Whhhhaaa?

Did someone press the fast forward button? How do seven years just fly by?

 It wasn’t always a walk in the park. In fact, it started off like an intense hike on a bumpy path with no water. But now I feel like I’m almost qualified to give marriage advice. Like, girl, you’re always right. Kidding.

We’ve never kept to the wedding anniversary gift chart, but this year I was curious to see what we could’ve bought each other.

TH said we’re ahead of the game because we already installed our copper plumbing. And I was like, we’re behind because year five I could’ve pushed to refinish our wood floors.

So if you’re coming up on seven years, here’s a little copper and wool gift guide:

copper chair // women’s wool sweater // copper bicycle // men’s wool sweater // copper gardening tools // copper pan // wool socks

Happy Anniversary Monday!