Welcome to the new year. So far so good. Then again it’s only day two.

This was like so last year but I never did share pictures from this little girl’s birthday party I stiled. Remember the mood board?

How this works is, mom comes to me for ideas and tips, we either shop together or I specify where she can purchase items and then I come set it all up for her. Not a bad gig.

One of my specialties is color coordinating. I like using various colors so the overall scheme looks less one note.

I just took colors from the inspiration, the nursery wallpaper, and moved forward from there.

Mom was able to find a bakery that took the wallpaper pattern and recreated it on the cake.

The focal point was this gallery wall of Claire’s pictures through her first year. I used washi tape to hold them up and add a little more punch to the white backdrop. Also a personal touch.

Sweet and cute for an intimate first birthday.

Happy Wednesday!

images via Gladys Lara