Somewhere between decorating my nephew’s nursery and my biological clock ticking, I guess, I discovered how much I love nurseries and kids’ rooms.

I thought I’d redirect my decor business and specialize on just that, rooms for kids – I’m still taking other interior spaces until I have enough baby work to keep me busy –  The idea came to me over the summer and since then TH has been helping me re-write my business and marketing plans. I’ve reached out to some of my favorite baby blogs and will start advertizing my services with them come April.

And the very first baby blog I ever discovered, which was actually one of the very first blogs I found, Spearmint Baby, asked me to be a contributor on their site.

I’ll be guest posting for them every other week, starting today. So if you’re interested in some of my favorite picks for kids’ wallpaper, go check it out.

I’m excited for this new endeavor. But this here blog will continue with grown up interiors and all things I’m inspired by.


So cute. Check out the rest of my picks HERE.

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