I wanted to share a few insta-shots from my nephew’s first birthday. Mostly because he’s so cute. And I really don’t think I’m just saying that because he’s my nephew, or because I’ve been told he looks like me, he really is a cute kid. They say he looks like me. Did I say that already?

As mentioned the other day, the theme was Kentucky Derby. It was just a small gathering of close relatives and few friends. And lots of food. There was some KFC in the house.



First year pictures shaped into a one. All great ideas come from Pinterest.


Max and his momma, aka my sister.



centerpieces – jockey hats and horses. My sister cut out felt and put numbers on them.


drink station



one of the most moist cakes I’ve ever had. I’m not even a cake person, but this was as good as it was cute.

Time to start planning birthday number two.

Happy Wednesday!